This package contains some general utility routines and tools for implementing iterative algorithms and (abstract) numerical computing in Rust. Former versions of the package were for Julia. They are no longer maintained. Included are:

Building the documentation

Integrated source code documentation may be built and opened with

cargo doc              # build dependency docs
misc/cargo-d --open    # build and open KaTeX-aware docs for this crate

The cargo-d script ensures that KaTeX mathematics is rendered in the generated documentation through an ugly workaround. Unfortunately, rustdoc, akin to Rust largely itself, is stuck in 80's 7-bit gringo ASCII world, and does not support modern markdown features, such as mathematics.


alg_tools is available from its Mercurial repository. You may either use Mercurial to clone the entire repository or you may download a snapshot as a zip or tarball. To clone use the command

hg clone

Contributing, distributing, derivative works

If you would like to contribute to this project, simply clone the repository and email me a hg bundle of your changes.

This software may be redistributed and derivate works may be created under the terms of the Anti-abuse License.