Author: Tuomo Valkonen

This repository contains some general utility routines and tools for doing iterative algorithms in Julia:

The code is used by ImageTools and both, for example, by


To install this package, first clone the repository with Mercurial:

$ hg clone

(Canonical public repository URL indicated here.) Then add the repository to Julia with Pkg.develop:

julia>] develop LOCATION_OF/AlgTools/

Here replace LOCATION_OF/AlgTools with path where you cloned AlgTools. (If you did not change directory after cloning, simply use AlgTools.) Afterwards, you may use the package with:

julia> using AlgTools

This package is not and is not planned to be available via Pkg.add as it is based on the worst and must unusable version control system ever invented: Git.

Iterative algorithms in a functional fashion

The package includes simple_iterate which helps separating the computational step of iterative algorithms from visualisation and other reporting routines. It is merely intended to serve as a template, as different applications require different visualisation routines to be implemented in a replacement of simple_iterate; in particular ImageTools implements its own version.

The approach is heavily indebted to functional programming. The computational step is to be implemented as a do-block anonymous function. That function gets passed another function verbose as a parameter. To (potentially) report the current status, the computational step only needs to call verbose with yet another function as a parameter. Whether the status is actually reported—and whether it needs to be calculated—is decided by verbose, and its parameter called as needed.

Simple example

using AlgTools.Iterate

params = (verbose_iter = 10, maxiter = 100,)

    local x = 1
    simple_iterate(params) do verbose
        # This is our computational step, as an anonymous
        # `do`-block function. It has one parameter: `verbose`,
        # itself a function.
        x = x + √x
        verbose() do
            # This is another anonymous function that will
            # only get called when decided by `verbose`.
            # If we do get called, return current value
            return x, nothing

This will output

10/100 J=31.051164
20/100 J=108.493699
30/100 J=234.690039
40/100 J=410.056327
50/100 J=634.799262
60/100 J=909.042928
70/100 J=1232.870172
80/100 J=1606.340254
90/100 J=2029.497673
100/100 J=2502.377071


AlgTools is available from its Mercurial repository. You may either use Mercurial to clone the entire repository or you may download a snapshot as a zip or tarball. To clone use the command

hg clone


If you would like to contribute to this project, simply clone the repository and email me a hg bundle of your changes.