Author: Tuomo Valkonen

This repository contains some tools for doing mathematical imaging in Julia:

The code is used, for example, by


To install this package, first clone the repository and AlgTools with Mercurial:

$ hg clone
$ hg clone

(Canonical public repository URLs indicated here.) AlgTools has to be installed under the some location as ImageTools. Then add the repository to Julia with Pkg.develop:

julia>] develop LOCATION_OF/ImageTools/

Here replace LOCATION_OF/ImageTools with path where you cloned ImageTools. (If you did not change directory after cloning, simply use ImageTools.) Afterwards, you may use the package with:

julia> using ImageTools

This package is not and is not planned to be available via Pkg.add as it is based on the worst and must unusable version control system ever invented: Git.


To run a simple denoising test using FISTA, use

$ julia --project=Tests
julia> using Tests
julia> test_denoise()

To run a deblurring test using PDPS, continue with

julia> test_deblur()


ImageTools is available from its Mercurial repository. You may either use Mercurial to clone the entire repository or you may download a snapshot as a zip or tarball. To clone use the command

hg clone


If you would like to contribute to this project, simply clone the repository and email me a hg bundle of your changes.